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PaperPort 11

PaperPort 11


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Product Overview
Key Benefits
Minimum System Requirements

PaperPort® 11 is the easiest way to turn piles of paper and photos into organized PDF and JPEG files that you can quickly find, use and share. PaperPort produces perfect scans every time with the push of a button. Your documents are displayed as small thumbnails on a unique visual desktop for fast browsing. End the frustration of looking for paper or digital documents by searching for words inside your files with the exclusive All-in-One Search™. Save time and have the security of knowing that important documents and photos will never be lost. PaperPort is perfect for your home or small office.

  • Get More Organized
    PaperPort stores and organizes exact copies of your scanned documents and photos on the computer – it’s like photocopying the paper into your computer. Once documents are scanned they can be stored in Windows folders that can be organized through PaperPort. Each document can be seen as a thumbnail on PaperPort’s unique visual desktop so you know what it looks like without having to open it. It makes it so easy to browse for a document as if you were looking for it on your real desktop. It’s perfect for your home office, finances, school work, photos, hobbies, and more!
  • One Place for All Your Files
    PaperPort allows you to organize, view and print over 150 document and photo formats. It simplifies things by handling everything that Windows does now, plus stuff that it doesn’t do well - like scanned paper and PDF documents – in a way that is so fast, unique and efficient that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.
  • Find Information Fast
    PaperPort helps you find any document or photo on your PC instantly with the help of the All-in-One Search. Just type in a word or phrase and PaperPort will bring up the right document immediately. The new PaperPort Watson Intelligent Search Agent works with popular desktop search utilities including the PaperPort All-in-One Search Index to help you intelligently collect related documents stored on your PC as well as websites and emails.
  • Clean-up and Share Digital Photos
    PaperPort has the right set of tools to make your digital photos look great – just like real life. Plus you can convert photos to PDF files that you can share and then add digital sticky notes to help tell the story behind the photos.
  • Stop Losing Important Documents
    Once a paper document is filed electronically in PaperPort, it will never be lost under a desk, damaged, or accidentally thrown away. Your digital documents will always be available and are easy to back-up.
  • Save Time with Finances
    Quickly organize your finances for easy reference at tax time or when applying for a loan. Store your payroll stubs, bank statements, receipts, mortgage information, stock transactions, insurance claims, medical bills and more. PaperPort even makes it easy to send these documents to your accountant or lawyer.
  • Email Documents Easily
    PaperPort’s native support for the standard PDF format brings you the power to scan, annotate and email documents and photos in a format that ensures everyone can view and print them on any computer.
  • Save Money by Printing Less
    PaperPort can “print” web pages into electronic files that look exactly like the piece of paper you would have sent to the printer. Great for saving online receipts, articles and other Web pages that you normally print for safe keeping. Now you can print them only when you need them without having to find that web page again.
  • Easily Convert Paper Documents into Digital Documents You Can Edit
    PaperPort Professional 11 lets you unlock information stored in paper documents and turn them into text files you can edit. You can copy and paste text into emails or scan directly to new word processing or spreadsheet files. If maintaining the document layout, colors and graphics is important then we have great news – OmniPage, our award winning document conversion program, integrates seamlessly with PaperPort.
  • Fill Out Forms Quickly, Neatly
    PaperPort’s FormTyper is a real time-saver. It lets you scan in paper forms, and then automatically identifies the fields on your scanned form — allowing you to fill-in the form on your computer and simply tab from field to field. Once you fill-in all the fields, you can then print a perfect, completed form.
  • Simplify Your PC With Less Software
    Streamline the software applications you need to learn and maintain – with PaperPort you can use one program to manage your files, control your scanner and take files off of your digital camera.
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 (SP4 or higher) XP (SP1 or higher)
  • Intel® Pentium® processor or equivalent
  • 128 MB RAM, 256 MB RAM or higher recommended
  • 300 MB free hard disk space
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher (free download available at
  • CD-ROM drive (required for installation)
  • SVGA monitor, minimum 800 x 600 pixel resolution with 256 colors. High Color in Windows 2000 and Medium Color in XP (16-bit color) recommended

A Web connection is required for activation and automatic updates