Professional-grade dictation on your mobile device


The dictation solution for mobile professionals

Dragon Anywhere was created with the busy professional in mind. For those who want to work faster and smarter using their mobile device, Dragon Anywhere’s powerful ability to customize and personalize make on-the-go document management quick and easy.

Get documents done on the road

Maximize on-the-go productivity and start focusing more time on clients and other strategic priorities. With Dragon Anywhere you can now dictate detailed notes, document client interactions, create and edit documents, and much more whether you’re in-between meetings at the office or on-the-go.

Sync your mobile device with your desktop

Custom words and auto-texts are automatically synchronized with your Dragon desktop next time you log into the network and work seamlessly by voice anywhere you go. Because you can create these customizations within the Dragon Anywhere mobile app or from your Dragon desktop, you do not have to worry about which device they’re on.

Easy, On-The-Go Document Management That Means Business

Dragon® Anywhere allows you to dictate continuously without time constraints or length limits to create, edit, format, navigate and select text—all by voice. Create entire documents on your mobile device simply by talking and see the results of your dictation or corrections immediately. And because you set up your own personal profile that continually adapts to your voice, words and corrections, you enjoy a personalized experience that gets even more accurate over time.

Amazing Speech Recognition Accuracy

Enjoy the highest recognition accuracy ever released for a mobile app that continually adapts to you for the best personalized experience. Speech recognition occurs in the cloud which allows your experience to improve over time without you having to update the app.

Edit, format, select and navigate your text

Inline dictation commands enable fast formatting, navigation and photo insertion, and correction. Users can easily mix and match voice and keyboard interaction, depending on the most convenient mode, for flexibility and convenience.

Increase accuracy with customize words easily

Dragon Anywhere allows you to customize words for accurate recognition of specific industry terminology, company or industry acronyms, proper nouns or personal preferences every time. You can add words to your vocabulary at any time to achieve even better results. These words are automatically synchronized to your account so they are available on any of your Dragon Anywhere devices or on your Dragon desktop.

Save time with shortcut steps using simple voice commands

Define simple voice commands to short-cut repetitive processes and improve your mobile productivity. For example, you can define custom text (also known as “auto-text”) or create custom forms or templates to speed and simplify document creation.

Get started today by selecting your subscription plan

Dragon® Anywhere is compatible with iPhones, iPads and Android devices and is the perfect, powerful voice dictation compliment to Dragon desktop software. Want to give it a spin? Try the 1 week free trial for Android or iOS!

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