Introducing the New Dragon, v15

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Turn talk into text and control your PC with the world's best-selling speech recognition software. Dictate documents, send email, search the web, and more - 3x faster than typing. Dragon v15 introduces a next-generation speech engine leveraging Deep Learning technology and adaptation techniques that continuously adjust to your voice or environmental variations. The result? Up to 99% accuracy and major time savings from the word go. You'll love it.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Two Options for Determining Your Ideal Dragon Solution

Put your voice to work and create more time in your day for what's important.

Dragon Professional Individual

Dragon Home

  • Simply speak homework assignments, emails, family history and more and watch your words appear on screen 3x faster than typing.
  • Use your voice to search for recipes, information, directions and more on the Web using Internet Explorer®, Mozilla Firefox® or Google Chrome.
  • Keep up with your inbox and calendar. Use your voice to email friends and family or manage kids' activities, social engagements and other appointments in your calendar with voice commands like "Create a new all-day event."
  • Stay connected through social and chat. Update your Facebook and Twitter without touching the keyboard, using commands like "Post to Facebook 'I'm hungry. Anyone up for that new Italian place?'"

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Features designed to help you remove obstacles at work

  Dragon Professional Individual 15 Dragon Home 15
Feature Dragon Professional Individual 15 Dragon Home 15
Create documents with your voice – 3x faster than typing
Turn your voice into text with up to 99% accuracy
Dictate, edit, and format letters, to-do lists, and other documents using Microsoft Word, Notepad, WordPad, and more
Built-in laptop microphone support for convenience and freedom from traditional wired microphone headsets
Bluetooth enabled for superior wireless dictation accuracy
Next-generation "Deep Learning" speech engine that continuously adjusts to your voice even if you have an accent or if you're in an environment where there is slight background noise
Dictate, edit, and format spreadsheets and presentations using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint  
Import and export custom word lists for acronyms or other unique business-specific phrases you frequently use  
Easily create commands to insert frequently used text and/or graphics by voice  
Work faster with time-saving custom commands to automate tedious tasks and multi-step processes  
Transcribe any single speaker’s voice into text from pre-recorded audio files or from podcasts  
Enjoy greater productivity on the go when you sync with the Dragon Anywhere mobile dictation solution (Dragon Anywhere available separately)  
Choose the Dragon Solution That Works Best for You and Your Unique Requirements.