Dragon USB Headset

Dragon USB Headset

The Dragon USB headset delivers superior audio input for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. A noise-cancelling microphone enhances speech accuracy while the USB-enhanced digital sound ensures consistent audio quality every time. The adjustable single earphone design fits left- or right-side and lets you tune in to your PC while remaining in touch with your surroundings.

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Vansonic USB Adapter

  • Achieve Better Accuracy - Using the USB adaptor will increase your accuracy on platforms with poor built-in audio - especially laptops and tablet PCs.
  • Truly Portable - Create User profiles with the USB adaptor so they will be interchangeable on all your systems. We recommend creating new user profiles on different PCs with the same analog mike interacting with different sound systems on the different PCs. A USB mike is your own portable "sound system" that you can bring to any PC.