Executive Pro Single-Ear Corded USB Headset

Executive Pro brings you a comfortable USB headset with volume & mute control.

  • Great for Skype or other softphone calls
  • Noise-canceling microphone for crystal clear conversations
  • Mute and volume buttons give you full control of your calls
  • Simple plug and play USB connection. No software needed!
  • Works with your PC and Dragon
  • Tru-Comfort™ leatherette ear cushion feels more like an ear muff than a headset

Executive Pro

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Exec Pro USB Headset
Geotrust secure basket

Designed for broader utilization, the Executive Pro USB headset microphone is the perfect companion for Dragon speech recognition and beyond. Plug and play USB connectivity makes it simple, while state-of-the-art noise-cancelling technology enhances speech accuracy and delivers crystal clear audio. Ergonomic single-ear construction affords universal comfort with left- or right-side fit. Inline mute and volume buttons make the Executive Pro USB headset ideal for use with Skype and other softphone applications, giving you full control of your calls and more.

Exec Pro USB Headset